AURANE Hair Bleaching Powder 500g

Product Code: ARL-BP

Feature: Dust- Free high of bleaching powder, it is idea for professional hair stylist use, with conditioning ingredients inside. When reaching the perfect lighting hair also reducing the damage to hair during treatment. 

– Wash your hair by Shampoo, to clean the hair deeply at least two times.
– Dry hair 100% dry
– Pour ratio 1:1 Hair Bleaching Powder and developer onto bowl, and then Mixing.(Volume is depending on Hair long or short)
– Using gloves, Apply to hair with the tint brush using 1/2’’ sections, and evenly extend into hair from 1 ~2 mm scalp.Time will keep about 45~50 mins.
– Rinse & towel-dry hair

Size: 500g
Specification: 18pcs packed in one carton
Carton Size: 37*36*28 (CM)
Weight per carton: 12KG

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