AURANE NutriCare Hair Mask 500ml | AJ5002

Previous Next Feature: Restructuring hair mask, with rich in milk proteins carries out a nourishing and detangling action, make hair soft and easy to comb, use after shampoo, dab dry excess water and apply evenly from hair roots to ends. this hair mask is for dry and frizzy hair, making hair soft and nourishing. Direction: … Read more

AURANE Fancy Repair Hari Cream 200ml | AD2003

Previous Next Feature: Leaven-in cream treatment with nourishing to provide remarkable repair effect,with great silkness and lightness,unique formula which is aborted by hair instantly against damage leave hair healthy, shiny and resilient. Direction: Daily hair repair use, Apply proper amount of hair cream in palm, rub hand together then evenly spread onto hair, No need … Read more

AURANE Moisturizing Hair Mist 200ML | AD2002

Previous Next Feature: Creative Leave-in treatment for moisturizing and repairing, smooth frizz and protects hair from damage, Weightless shining mist polishes all hair types with forming a layer of refreshing & non-greasy film that makes hair look conditional & super shiny, it eliminates frizz and protect hair from UV and other environmental damages leave hair … Read more

AURANE Moisturizing Curl Elastin 325ML | AD3250

Previous Next Feature: Highlight the curly hair increase flexibility and Focus on curl hair increase hair 3D space and hair resilience, to keep curl style sexy and charming for a whole day; it contains ginkgo extract which can replenish nutrition to damage hair after perm, to make hair naturally light, soft and dynamic  Highlight the … Read more

AURANE Live Repairing Hair SPA 750ml | AW7501

Previous Next Feature: Contains nature plant extract essence,can moisturize hair deeply; the special water soluble nutrition protein will repair hair inner structure at the most degree, to offer hair enough nutrition and water. Direction:  Take about 30ML of this hair spa product into container with warm water, let hair soak into water, massage hair and … Read more

AURANE Keratin Shampoo 1000ml | AS1L01

Previous Next Feature: Specially formula contains plant extracts & hydrolized keratin, can quickly penetrate into and repair the damaged hair after cleaning, together of several nutrients make hair nourishing and glossing, helps repair dry, brittle hair with split ends, leaves hair ultra-soft and shiny. Direction: Wet hair, press moderate amount of shampoo and mix with … Read more

AURANE Keratin Conditioner 1000ml | AC1L00

Previous Next Feature: Super enriched with Vitamin E, antioxidants and hydrolized keratin to keep healthy, it helps to repair hair moisture and nutrients by offering a protecting film on hair, to prevent hair from UV or heat damage, remaining healthy luster to hair. Direction: After shampoo, press moderate amount of conditioner to gently massage into … Read more

AURANE Protein Moisturizing Shampoo 750ml | AS7501

Previous Next Feature: Professional formula clean hair effectively with protein compound, mild nature, It contains fruitful hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin, add nutrition and water which lost and danged, and recover healthy and shiny hair. Direction: Wet hair with warm water, dispense proper amount of the product onto palm, then evenly extend it onto hair, massage … Read more

AURANE Seaweed Anti-dandruff Shampoo 750ml | AS7502

Previous Next Feature: Unique herbal seaweed extract and trace element factors,to maintain PH Value to be weak acid, and clean hair deeply with mild nature, which conditioning hair inner structure, decreasing dandruff and keeping scalp clean and comfortable. Direction: Wet hair with warm water, dispense proper amount of the product onto palm, then evenly extend … Read more

AURANE Olives Oil-control Shampoo 750ml | AS7503

Previous Next Feature:Targeted formula with multiple proteins and olives extract, offer the nutrition and water to hair, maintain physiological metabolism of scalp cell, to control and balance the scalp oil and let hair healthy and fresh. Direction: Wet hair with warm water, dispense proper amount of the product onto palm, then evenly extend it onto … Read more

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